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How To Make Your Life Better By Practicing Gratitude.

Practising gratitude by saying thank you is one of the most important things a person could do but unfortunately, thank you is a very under-appreciated and under-used phrase. If you think about it, there are so many situations whereby saying thank you could have spared you a lot of drama with people.

We are always advised to be positive in everything that we do but in most cases we find ourselves getting overwhelmed by the things life throws at us. Today, try making it a habit to say thank you in these situations and watch as your life changes for the better.

Very few people appreciate compliments and for even those that do, very few give the right response for it. If someone stopped you right now and told you that they liked your shirt, what would you say? Most of us look for something negative about the shirt. For example, “this old thing, you really like it? The easiest thing in that situation would have been saying “thank you, I’m glad you like it” giving the person a smile and moving forward with your life.

You are in class, and the lecturer hands over the test results for the paper that you worked so hard for, you open up the sheet and you have scored a whopping 90% on the test. Your neighbour congratulates you for acing the test and instead of just saying, “Thank you so much, I worked really hard for it” you tell them “Ummm I missed 5 questions, I could have done better”

How To Make Your Life Better By Practicing Gratitude

Most times than most people would actually accept, we find ourselves in the middle of other people’s business after someone close to us trusts us enough to confide in us. For Instance, your close friend comes to you crying and she tells you that her mum has just passed away, or your friend tells you that they have just been dumped by their girlfriend. What would be your response? Most people’s first instinct would be to console them and tell them something like, “well at least you got to enjoy many years with your mum/ girlfriend, at least you have memories to look back at”. Instead of all that, tell them, “Thank you, I’m really glad you shared this with me”. What we rarely understand is that when people confide in us, they are not looking for a solution for their problem, they just need you to listen.

Another situation whereby you can use the phrase thank you for your own good is when people give you negative criticism or unsolicited advice. People who do this are the worst, right? Imagine being with your baby, enjoying he summer in a pool somewhere and someone out of nowhere comes and says, “Hi, you really shouldn’t dress your baby girl like that, cover her up more”. You would probably be really angry and you would say something like, “this is my child and I know what’s best for her” Instead of all that anger and negativity, tell the person, “Thank you for sharing your opinion”

Last but not least, anytime you find yourself lacking words to say, just say Thank you. Gratitude is the answer to almost anything whether good or bad. Make it a lifestyle and watch your life change for the better.


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Maureen Ng'endo is a writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently writing for 411 Kenya and TrackyourleaderKenya. She has spent the last two years reporting both political and entertainment news for these two news websites.


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