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How to stay motivated

How to remain insanely motivated

Believe in yourself- moral story


Do you still have the motivation like you did when the year was beginning?

However focused we are, we always tend to lose focus or feel demotivated at some point in our lives.

To remain motivated, there are set strategies needed so as to keep us strong and focused.

1. Start being specific.

90% of people who set goals that are specific and challenging often accomplish them.

When your goals are broad and general, you tend to have less motivation since they are not realistic and measurable.

It is important to remember that goals are dreams with deadlines.

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2. Own it

When you have ownership and control over what you are doing, you tend to feel motivated.

Be proud of what you to. When people are proud of what they do they tend to do more.

Believe in yourself- moral story

3. Celebrate your little wins

I know you probably have long term goals. They, of course, won’t be accomplished overnight.

It is therefore important that you celebrate every step you make. The celebrations bring about morale that gives you the energy to keep pushing.

step up“By fighting the small battles. I get joy in overcoming obstacles, and by celebrating after a small win. This includes rewarding myself for a job well done. You can get overwhelmed by focusing too much on the big picture.”— Will Curran

4. Reward yourself

A lot of us think that we are all grown and have passed the rewards stage.

It is very important that you reward yourself every time you succeed in doing something however small.

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Treat yourself with that something you have been eyeing. It motivates you to do more and even better.

Here are a few strategies to keep you moving when you feel stuck

5. Be accountable

Hold yourself accountable for everything you do.

Research done showed that 70% of people who gave weekly updates to their friends after setting goals were successful.

It is also good to have mentors not only to look up to but to also suggest what our next move should be.


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