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Man narrates his life in Kamiti after being framed for raping his daughter

Julius Wambua narrates about his life in Prison

Julius Wambua, the man who was sentenced to life after he was framed for raping his daughter, has been making headlines lately and i’m sure you are familiar with the story.

After spending 9 years in Kamiti maximum prison, he was finally freed after his daughter recanted her statement.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni of radio Jambo, this is what Julius had to say

”My story started in 2011 April when i was charged and jailed. I was charged with defiling my third child, she was 15 years old. I have 4 children, one son, and three daughters. My wife accused me of the crime, at the time we had been married for 28 years. I was given a life sentence to serve at Kamiti maximum prison”

He went ahead and added

”In jail, the only person on your side is God. You can get there and kill yourself on the same day

In the prison cell, you have to force yourself to get saved so that in case of anything, you go to heaven. I had planned to kill myself in the cell but i received counseling while in there and changed my mind”

Before getting his sentence, he had had a journey in and out of court

”I was arrested on 28 April 2011 at 4 Pm while buying vegetables. When i was told the charges, i thought a lot of things about my daughter and her mother considering i was taking good care of them. The case was framed, i had no option but to end up in prison. I knew my life was over”

”From the date i was imprisoned to date, we have never talked with my wife. However, forgiveness is very important. I was on a life sentence, i had no option but to forgive”

”While in jail after 4 years, i was called by the officer in charge.i was afraid so i hid since i thought i was in trouble. When i eventually went, i found the warden with my daughter. I just broke down and cried because i thought i was done, i thought she had come to say i should never be pardoned. I cried for an hour as they watched me when she saw me crying, she also started crying”

This is how Wambua feels about her daughter

”My daughter was asked to say why she visited, she started crying and asked me for forgiveness because the testimony she gave was false. She said she was never taken to the hospital but only in court to testify. I told her i had forgiven her because i too make mistakes. I don’t hater her at all. she is my daughter. I don’t hate the mother too”



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