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How To Master The Art Of Continuous Improvement.

Let us start by defining continuous improvement. What is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement is the art of making tiny changes and improvements every day with the expectation that those small improvements will add up to something bigger and significant in the long run.

For the most part, people always measure success by the big and noticeable changes that they make. However, what’s more, important is mastering the act of changing your everyday habits bit by bit and working towards something bigger. For this reason, it is important that we set a larger goal and make little leaps every day. Learn to slowly and slightly adjust your normal everyday habits rather than trying to accomplish one huge thing in a day or so.

Let’s have an example,

Maybe you are looking to lose some weight and start eating healthy. The most logical thing to do ( and this is what most people do) is to sign up for the gym and to clear out all the junk in your fridge hoping that after a month you will have attained all your health-related goals. However, 99% of the time, this strategy doesn’t last even a month.

Instead, try and start working out a few minutes a day and changing your eating habits little by little. For instance, look for a workout routine that works for you( you can only tell by experimenting then making a decision). Then, adjust your eating habits little by little. For instance, try Intermittent fasting( it does not work for everyone). This lifestyle will allow you to eat your food only thing you will have to do is have an eating window of about 8 hours. This way you will have created a lifestyle for yourself without totally putting yourself under pressure.

Another example could be working on your business. First of all, we should all agree that fast success is very overrated. In order to improve your business, make those 1% adjustments that no one notices at the moment then work towards your larger goal every day without fail.

So How Does Continous Improvement work?

As we have already discussed, continuous improvement works only if you make the stern decision to always work on your larger goal each and every day.

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Do not link success to the large visible outcomes, instead work a tiny bit every day by doing what already works. Be it your business or your health, master what works for you as long as it is leading you a better place and show up for it every day.

To avoid feeling frustrated, measure your success backwards instead of forward. What does this mean? Always look at where you started and make a small improvement every day. Ensure that you get better as you move forward but always give yourself props for the small wins.

Avoid small losses. This means that you should always avoid unnecessary mistakes. For example, miss fewer workout sessions, avoid taking unnecessary risks, Avoid eating unhealthy food as much as you can. However, if you find yourself doing those things, acknowledge that you made a mistake and make sure that the mistake is followed by the right thing.

We can agree that improving ourselves should be the goal every day. So let us follow these tips and as time goes by, your continuous tiny improvements will add up to something significant.

Ask yourself today,  How can I improve by just a little bit this today?


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