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Top-Drawer Oral Hygiene Products that Will Preserve your Smile for Life

Top-Drawer Toothbrushes that Will Preserve your Smile for Life

If you thought that a toothache is a nightmare, you are yet to meet the ogres and orcs in it.

The main problem:

Among most people’s main regrets on their deathbed due to old age (as it is on everyone’s wish list), is losing their teeth to negligence. Imagine the weirdness of inability to speak out your last wishes after turning to a lisp or worse after your teeth have fallen off; painfully!

It is disheartening that a significant percentage of people around the world cannot smile as early as in their early 20s due to tooth decay and gum problems. About 35% of Millennials already have this problem. Phew! What is life without smiles?

The solution?

Oral hygiene is all that matters. A little of this activity and a little of the other repeated till habituation. All you need is to spare a few minutes of your day to take care of your lovely teeth before they turn ugly black/brown or fall off one after the other.

Talking of oral hygiene, some of us, if not all, think and believe that brushing our teeth once or twice a day is enough. A fresh breath is all you need to survive through the day, right? 100%. But the real deal is taking care of your teeth, gums, palate, and tongue for the sake of today and forevermore.

Oral hygiene involves:

  1. Freeing your teeth from all kinds of food debris
  2. Proper brushing techniques using good quality toothbrush and toothpaste
  3. Proper flossing techniques
  4. Eliminating plaque from the tongue
  5. Using good quality mouthwash to reduce mouth acidity, and properly clean the hard-to-reach parts of teeth and mouth, amongst other practices of oral hygiene.

Element of Quality

As you can note, oral hygiene practices emphasize quality products. Although available, quality products are rare in the current capitalistic market. It is especially worse amongst the commonly stocked oral hygiene practices.

The least you can do to ‘thank your body’ is to use quality products at all times. It goes without saying; that your oral health next month, year, and decade so much depends on the quality of the products you use every day, beginning today. Talking of quality, let’s explore some of the toothbrushes that are sure-fire tools for sustaining your oral health and why they are superior.

Beverly Hills Formula soft toothbrush with charcoal

We all have our poison- whether it is smoking/ chewing tobacco or snacking sugary and starchy snacks. As bad or relatively better as they may sound, they all lead to the undesirable end of teeth discoloration.

Having a brown/black/spotted tooth?

The Beverly Hills Formula soft toothbrush is an upgrade to the traditional whitening solutions. This exceptional toothbrush is infused with charcoal, the active ingredient that lightens teeth back to their natural white state. With this toothbrush, you need not visit the dentist for a bleaching session. It is effective enough to gently eliminate all the stains.

Better still, the charcoal assists in preventing mouth odor. Activated charcoal binds odorous compounds to give you the fresh breathe you need for confident interactions. It also reduces the concentration of the odorous compounds over time, hence maximizing your time for a fresh breathe.

This effectiveness is all courtesy of the toothbrush’s 6008 easily flexing filaments. The satisfaction that emanates from the feel of these round-edged bristles matches no other. The filaments ensure the uniform and certain spreading of the activated charcoal around all teeth, gums, tongue, and palate. With a 0.10mm thickness, each one of the bristles is strong enough to eliminate proportionately large amounts of plaque from each of the surfaces, while being gentle on your gums and enamel. This Swiss premium quality is the best fit for people above the age of 10 years and above.

If you love options or differentiating between different sets of personal hygiene tools, the following are proximate alternatives to the Beverly Hills Formula soft toothbrush with charcoal:

Tepe Nova Medium-Toothbrush-

Easy Reach Tip for Maximum Access- This contemporary variety is enhanced with a special tip to maximize access to all parts of the mouth. It also has an ergonomic handle that does not easily slip. Most outstandingly, the neck of this toothbrush is made to be flexible but firm enough to be angled without damage or heating.


Tepe Supreme Compact Toothbrush

– Rare kind is the least we can say about this toothbrush. It has a two-level filament that reaches out to all layers of plaque. It is also enhanced with a thinning head that gives it access to all areas of the mouth. Its soft bristles maintain gentleness on the gums while eliminating all food deposits.


Tepe Kids Soft-Toothbrush with Colourful Illustrations



Taking care of our offspring or smaller brothers and sisters can be a bit tasking. Fortunately, they are on TePe’s radar, which is a great relief for us. The TePe Kid Soft-Toothbrush is appealing enough to children below the age of 10. This smaller-than-normal toothbrush has been enhanced to maintain good oral hygiene amongst children while preparing them for their future responsibility of taking care of their oral hygiene.

Apart from its aesthetic value, the functionality of this toothbrush is, in itself, a force to reckon with. It is made to be extra soft to ensure that children’s soft gums are left in their natural shape, minus any food remains. It is also tapered to ensure that it reaches every corner of the relatively small mouth of a child. Just like the Beverly Hills Formula soft toothbrush with charcoal, this smaller version is densely compacted with round-ended filaments that ensure that each surface is thoroughly cleaned.

‘But how well can children clean their teeth?’

This question lingers in every committed parent’s mind. The most simplistic answer would be ‘not thoroughly enough if unassisted’. However, TePe considers this eventuality when making this particular kid’s toothbrush by designing it ergonomically according to children’s hands and teeth. The ergonomic design helps children find maximum comfort and security when using the toothbrush. If you wish to be an excellent parent, the Tepe Kids Soft-Toothbrush can come in handy as part of the journey.

Tepe Implant Orthodontic Toothbrush-Extra Slim

If you are already experiencing oral problems, you can still smile again. The world of dentistry offers several options, such as implants and bracelets, one of which may be the solution to your problem.

If you already found the solution to your oral condition, the Tepe Implant Orthodontic Toothbrush can assist to better regain or sustain your dental health. This orthodontic brush is fashioned to clean all the areas of the implants and bracelets. It has a long and thin neck, a narrow head, and soft filaments, all of which give it special access to all the edges of the implants and orthodontic wires.

In need of any of the above products?

This is an inexhaustive list of the varieties of premium quality toothbrushes of Alphadent Supplies. If you wish to get any of these or other top-drawer oral healthcare supplies, do not hesitate to contact us.  Our team of professional dentists will advise you accordingly and recommend you to the best top-quality oral healthcare products.

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