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15 Career Advice You Will Wish You Knew Before


Career Advice That People Wish They Knew Before

Career advice- Take a look at your career journey. Are you happy? Those of us who have been in the career world for some time will admit that there is a whole list of things we wish we had known at the early stages of our careers.

There are several things I wish I knew when I was starting my career. Here are a few:

  1. A career is a marathon and not a splint

Give your career a long term basis approach. Allow yourself breath and grow. Rushing only leaves you empty and tired. Young people tend to be impatient but when you give yourself time, you end up discovering things that you would have missed out on.

2. Success comes from repetition and not new things.

Make sure you are good at something before moving on to the next. According to Malcon Gladwell, you need to spend 10,000hours on something for you to become good at it. For you to become an expert, you need to practice patience and endurance. If you find what you love to do, don’t let it go.

3. Acknowledge that failure is learning

Recognize failure as a way of eliminating unsuccessful options. Thomas Edison said ” I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work”  Fear prevents us from taking risks and hence missing out on meaningful opportunities.

4. Never sacrifice personal ethics for work reasons

Never work in an environment that compromises your personal ethics and morals. If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right.

5. If working was great, all rich people would have jobs

Put your priorities right.  Nobody laments about not spending enough time in the office. Don’t miss out on school activities or on your kid’s life for work.

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6. Your kids come first before work

This applies to both men and women. Careers tend to take care of themselves if you have the right skills, passion, and commitment. Your kids will not bee young forever. Don’t miss out on their life for work.

 7. Always work as an expert

Whether young in your workplace, never act inexperienced. Step up and show your smartness and competence. If old, always step up with energy like a youth.

8. Make friends in the office

You spend a lot of your time at work and you, therefore, need friends. Happy people are those who do things they are passionate about with people they like. If you hate your job, ditch it.

9. Don’t restrict yourself to a certain geographical area

As Obama said, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Any opportunity that arises, even working overseas, take it. Many are the times we regret the things we did not do over the things we do.

10. Take time and understand what your business does

Make sure you are part of the big picture and ensure you are connected with the objectives of your business. Never wait to hear from other people. instead, find it out yourself.

11. Management is about people, people are different

According to business guru Jack Welch, In a workforce, 20% of people are high performers, 70% do okay and there is a 10% that you should get rid of. If a manager, you should aim at empowering your workforce and making the best out of what they bring.

12. Listen and collaborate with people’s opinions

Many managers fail for asking opinions from people from outside on issues they want to implement on people on the inside.

13. Never work for a bad boss

Unless you are starving or in a desperate situation, start looking for a new job.

14. Understand that your workers are people with emotions

If your employee is underperforming at work, it could be from a reason that is not related to work. understand that your employees are humans with finite emotional capacity. Learn to help and understand people when they need help most. A rejuvenated employee is the best is a corporation’s most powerful force.

15. Celebrate cultural diversity at your workplace

Appreciate people from various cultures. Diversity brings about new thoughts and ideas into our workplace.





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