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30 Fear Quotes That Will Fill You With Automatic Courage

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This week, our guest contributor, Michael Kimani, is a freelance writer who is excited about sharing stories and ideas with other like-minded people. Most of his works of writing are featured here. This is your chance to gain some knowledge from him.

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Imagine being afraid or scared of a situation whether it is meeting new people or being afraid of taking a cold shower. Whatever it is you might be scared of, there are always pieces of wisdom somewhere to guide you out of your fears- And those, my friend, are what we call fear quotes.

You are scared to death of speaking in public but you’ve got to do it…Then, just like magic, you remember that quote you read or wrote down several months or years ago. The fear quotes inspire you to be brave and face that which you fear.

This is the magic of quotes; you are inspired and motivated to do more and challenge yourself. You are filled with so much energy, that it becomes intoxicating. You feel free and alive…and the best part is…realizing the truth or the genuine nature of the quote.

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From famous historical figures, leaders of today, actors, and athletes among others, we are going to explore some of the best fear quotes ever said. I know you will be braver after taking them into your heart. They include:

1. “Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war; a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it, or death takes them.” -Alexander the Great

2. “Resist your fear; fear will never lead you to a positive end. Go for your faith and what you believe.” -T.D. Jakes

3. “Dear Dad, you always told me that an honest man has nothing to fear, so I’m trying my best not to be afraid.” -Leonardo DiCaprio

4. “No one should fear to undertake any task.” -Christopher Columbus

5. “If you’re afraid – don’t do it, – if you’re doing it – don’t be afraid!” -Genghis Khan

6. “There is only one duty, only one safe course, and that is to try to be right and not to fear to do or say what you believe to be right.” -Winston Churchill

7. “I have the heart of a man, not a woman, and I am not afraid of anything.” –Queen Elizabeth I

8. “Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, and heartbreak makes you wiser.” -Drake

9. “All that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. For a minute I had fear. Then I went into the dressing room and shot my fear in the face…” -Lady Gaga

10. Challenge your fears! Find your potential.” –T.D. Jakes

11. “Whatever you fear most has no power – it is your fear that has the power. The thing itself cannot touch you. But if you allow your fear to seep into your mind and overtake your thoughts, it will rob you of your life.” -Oprah Winfrey

12. “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” -Henry Ford

13. “I wouldn’t say I have a lack of fear. In fact, I’d like my fear emotion to be less because it’s very distracting and fries my nervous system.” -Elon Musk

14. “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is really fear.” -Mahatma Gandhi

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15. “Its lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself. -Mohammed Ali

16. “Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you.” -Mike Tyson

17. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” -Albert Einstein

18. “The fear is the fuel that we use for overachievement. If I wasn’t afraid at times, I wouldn’t work as hard.” -Sylvester Stallone

19. “The ads all call me fearless, but that’s just publicity. Anyone who thinks I’m not scared out of my mind whenever I do one of my stunts is crazier than I am.” -Jackie Chan

20. “Running from your fear can be more painful than facing it, for better or worse.” -Chuck Norris

21. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” -Nelson Mandela

22. “Fear comes from uncertainty; we can eliminate the fear within us when we know ourselves better. As the great Sun Tzu said: “when you know yourself and your opponent, you will win every time. When you know yourself but not your opponent, you will win one and lose one. However, when you do not know yourself or your opponent, you will be imperiled every time.” -Bruce Lee

23. “Fear’s the only obstacle that gets in the way of doing what we love. Fear holds us from living the lives we’re made to live.” -Miley Cyrus

24. “I fear nothing and I regret less.” -John Cena

25. “Limits, like fear, are often an illusion.” -Michael Jordan

26. “Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear.” -Martin Luther King Jr

27. “All of us experience fear, but when we confront and acknowledge it; we are able to turn it into courage. Being courageous does not mean never being scared; it means acting as you know you must even though you are undeniably afraid.” -Desmond Tutu

28. “The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They want to be 50 Cent or someone else. They do what everyone else does even if it doesn’t fit where and who they are. But you get nowhere that way; your energy is weak and no one pays attention to you. You’re running away from the one thing that you own-what makes you different.” -50 Cent

29. “Those who are successful overcome their fears and take action. Those who don’t submit to their fears and live with regrets.” -Jay-Zjay z quotes

30. “One great enemy we must all endeavour to fear not conquering is fear. Fear can cripple purpose and purposeful life. Fear asks a question we must fear. Fear makes a vision a nightmare. One must always cross the barrier of fear to get to the great city of true purposefulness. A great number of us who are unable to live to accomplish the true reason for our existence on earth are unable to cross the barrier of fear in the first place.” -Ernest Agyemang Yeboah, Ghanaian writer and teacher

Final thoughts
There you have them, fear quotes that will make you much stronger. You do not have to remember each and every one of them; just take a favourite from the bunch. Yes, you can even write them down as long as you will read and re-read them once in a while.
With all these quotes there is all one recurring theme that is always being highlighted.

Fear is not as bad as it seems…It is part of life but facing and conquering that fear will be the only way to move on. It might seem cheesy and sort of a cliché but it works…it has been proven to work.

If most of the famous people in the world have fought fear, you can also do it. You are a human being like them…and congratulations on being normal. But normality doesn’t mean you let fear overcome you or that you do nothing about it.

Great things will start happening when you face your fear. You will be more courageous and the hype that you associated with fear will be diminished. It will be such a remarkable change that will be evident in your life.

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