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Advertise with us is a Kenyan based modern and digital news website.

We provide you with entertainment news, breaking news, business news, resources and the motivation to help you realize your full potential.

We are totally dedicated to ensuring that Kenyans have access to legit breaking and entertainment news as fast as possible. We aim at presenting up to date news to our beloved followers. Other than that, we also offer motivational and DIY articles hoping to inspire and motivate Kenyans to live their best lives. We believe that aspiring towards your actual goals and eventually reaching them is the most important factor for living a better, happier and more meaningful life.

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Advertising on 411Kenya is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and compelling way. We present your brand’s message in a bigger, bolder and more beautiful way. Our advertising opportunities come in the form of either banners or sponsored posts.

We offer 8 advertising options,

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Our terms are simple and fair.

  1. We reserve the right to edit sponsored posts not written by us.
  2. We reserve the right to edit/remove sponsored posts after one year.
  3. All sponsored posts have a duration of one year, within wish it may be renewed.
  4. All sponsored posts may be branded with a “sponsored” tag just above the title.
  5. Sponsored posts are written by an editorial staff or by the author/owner; in the case where the latter occurs, the post must be of high quality and original.
We are offering two free advertisement slots for you, our beloved followers. First come,  first served.

Contact us directly through our telephone number, 0704010026 or 0746638874. You can also contact us through our contact us page for more information.

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