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64 years of Marriage,5 Suits, 2 belts,1 wallet and still Humble, meet Manu Chandaria

manu chandaria interview

Manu Chandaria Interview with Betty Kyalo – he opens up on his 64-year marriage

Manu Chandaria Interview – At the end of it all, we will need very little. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or poor a person is because at the end your actions in your younger years will determine how you will be in old age. Regardless of the success, Manu Chandaria is one of the most humble people you will ever come across.

While talking to Betty Kyallo, the man walks us through what it is like to be in his life. The 90-year-old man starts his life at 6 in the morning. He goes through his work emails then takes his simple breakfast. He only takes a class of juice and two fruits then take his pills and that’s it.

Then he does his simple excises then goes ahead to prepare for work. He takes a shower and wears one of his few outfits. Talking of a few outfits, the billionaire only owns 5 suits. Yes, that’s right only 5. He has around 5 shirts, 2 belts and one wallet. His shoes too are very few. He believes in a simple fulfilling life.

He has a wife who is currently 95 years. They have been married for 60 plus years.

Oh, and he met Mother Teresa multiple times.

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