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Adelle Onyango in conjunction with Safe Boda Kenya showcases her amazing new project after quitting Radio.

Adelle Onyango PursePective

Adelle Onyango #PursePective

Millions of people would kill to have a job in Radio. It’s something so many people wish for and someone might wonder why someone who already has it would quit. Many Radio hosts often quit their jobs to do something they love. Most people use it as a stepping stone to doing what they truly love. For instance people like Caroline Mutuko and Kalekye Mumo, they were ones the queens of Radio but look at them now. They have their own platforms whereby they do what they love.

Adelle Onyango is no exception. The lady was so talented in her Radio job where they used to co-host with the legend Shaffie Weru. They used to be on Kiss 100 every single morning in the show, Morning with the stars. Her fans were truly devastated when she decided to leave last week.

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However, on the bright side, Adelle has something even better in store. She is planning to start a new podcast series called Purseperspective, whereby she will give women a chance to share their thoughts about living under a man and also ask men about their perspective on that particular issue.

Wouldn’t it be dope ⁣
if we had a safe space ⁣
where women can talk ⁣
about their experiences ⁣
living in a “man’s world” ⁣
and men can respond with their⁣

On Friday, Adelle in conjunction with safe Boda Kenya took on board several prominent personalities including,  Julie Gichuru, Janet Mbugua and John Allan Namu, blogger and lifestyle writer Sharon Mundia, musicians Patricia Kihoro and Kagwe Mungai and comedian Timothy Kimani Ndegwa aka Njugush to showcase how her podcast, which will be launched on June 25.

Check out the beautiful photos.

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