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Akothee’s hysterical advice to ex-lover Brown Mauzo who allegedly tried suicide amid recent heartbreak.

We earlier reported the truth about why Musician Brown Mauzo was recently rushed to the hospital unconscious.

You see, everyone was convinced that he tried taking his own life after his longtime lover dumped him.

Citizen’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva paid him a visit in his home where he questioned him. So, Mzazi asked him the cause of his illness, whether it was true he tried committing suicide. He completely denied it saying that he had never in his life had suicidal thoughts. He said after the girlfriend moved out of their house, he was depressed. He spent days in his room not eating anything and the next thing, he found himself in a hospital bed.

Controversial singer Akothee was at one point in her life in a relationship with Brown. Of course, he was younger but the age was not a deal breaker. They dated for a while.

So, Willy M Tuva once again was with Akothee in the studio where they talked about so many things. Coming to the end of their session, Willy asked Akothee to advise her ex-lover who was totally hung up on a failed relationship. She hysterically snubbed the question. Watch the video below.

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