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“I am sorry I didn’t intend to incite jilted men against women” -Taka taka hitmaker apologizes to the nation.

Alvindo apologizes

Alvindo apologizes.

Alvindo released a song that has a lot of mixed feelings. The song is called Taka Taka. Precisely, he was insulting a lady calling her trash because she had refused to be her girl. Due to the controversy, the song definitely had a lot of views but this brought  Alvindo to the bad side of the law.

Recently, the young man was asked to take down the song since it was degrading women.

Takataka was banned by KFCB two weeks ago on grounds of obscenity and promoting misogyny.

“Broadcasting, exhibition, distribution (including online) or possession of this song is, therefore, a criminal offence.

“Moving forward, the song should not be performed live or broadcast anywhere within the Republic of Kenya. No DJ should play the song either on a broadcast station or in entertainment joints,” the statement read.

He was expected to appear before the court but he did not. This prompted Ezekiel Mtua the KFCB boss to launch a police hunt for the musician since he was nowhere to be found.

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However, Alvindo presented himself to the Kenya Film and Classifications Board (KFCB) after weeks of back and forth with the regulatory body. He has given his apology to Kenyans.

“I want to apologize to my fans and to promise them a second release that will embrace moral values… I am sorry I didn’t intend to incite jilted men against women,” he said.

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