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Am i a second wife? Karen Nyamu talks about her relationship with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu addresses her relationship with Samidoh

City politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu has set the record straight about their alleged relationship with Kikuyu musician Samidoh Muchoki. Karen was speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni.

During the interview, Karen confirmed that she is still in the race come 2022 despite trying out unsuccessfully in the previous elections.

Asked about her pregnancy, this is what she had to say

”I gave birth normally like the first one. He is three months now and is sweet and playful like his dad”

Asked about the dad:

”Massawe don’t put me in a tough corner. That is a leading question”

Speaking about the video that went viral where they seemed to be on a vacation with Mugithi star Samidoh, this is what Karen had to say

”Samidoh is my friend. I thought i would post it like my friend by kwa comments ilileta mambo mingi and that was not my intention. I decided to pull it down, i had to consider that he is a brand and normally i don’t delete content  but i saw his family would be affected”

From the caption of the video, Karen seemed to be admitting that she is a second wife and is suffering too. She put clarity to the caption and said

”Infact Massawe hio ni jokes. Kama hunijuangi nakuanga na jokes mingi. Mimi si mke wa pili”

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After being asked if Samidoh is the father to his son, this is what she said

”It is a family issue, i want to keep that private of course. I’m very proud because to say the truth ninatongozwa. I have options. With your mind, you make the decision to chose and i have to regrets on my choice”

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