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Burale Reveals The Truth About Andrew Kibe’s Controversial Viral Photos.

Andrew Kibe old photos

Former NRG Radio presenter Andrew Kibe has been making headlines after some controversial photos of him in his past years surfaced. Kibe is known for being vocal especially on romance. He is always keeping ladies on toes and it has been evident through multiple of the videos that clearly, he does not believe in romance.

He has a very outgoing personality which made it funnier after the photos surfaced. This is because the photos showed him dressed in oversized suits looking like a priest.

Andrew Kibe old photos

However, motivational speaker Burale who has appeared in some of Kibe’s throwback photos has clarified that the man was once a member of a church. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he was a priest.

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This is what he said,

“I have known Kibe for almost 25 years. He is my childhood friend.  Our families know each other. In our younger days, we were in a group called KOJARKS. We were young men crazy about fashion. I once served in a church called Faith Chapel in Lang’ata and Kibe was a member there as well,”
The KOJARKS name was formed by combining the initials of the names of the group’s members.


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