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BBC Journalist Ferdinand Omondi is the latest victim of online banking fraud.

Ferdinand Omondi

Online banking fraud is rapidly increasing in Kenya. Unfortunately, A Kenyan journalist working with the BBC is the latest victim of online banking fraud. Ferdinand Omondi realized that a fraudster was onto him and that is when he spoke up.

This is how he realized he was a fraud victim.

Ferdinand Omondi

“I had been awake until 3 am on that particular day,” explained Omondi. “Then I got a notice that a hundred US dollars (about Sh10,000) had been transferred from my account to an entity known as ‘MV Productions’, I immediately alerted my bank and it (consequent online transactions) was blocked.”

It did not end there the fraudster kept trying.

“Soon after, I received a separate alert that someone had unsuccessfully tried to transfer $150 (about Sh15,000) from another account. Worse, later on, I unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw money from an ATM machine and my card got stuck. Later on, someone tried to withdraw cash from that account.”

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“I am shocked. I have blocked all online transactions on the cards and following up on the matter with the relevant authorities.”

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