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Betty Kyallo called out by a fan for allegedly lying about her age!

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo

First things first, Betty is really beautiful inside and outside. Whatever her age is right now, she has done a great job on herself. Women, find it easier to lie about their age most of the time. Especially when they feel the need to. Growing old can be scary. However, some women confidently embrace their age.

Betty Kyallo found herself in the middle of social media trolls again. This came up when Betty posted on her twitter handle that she will be turning 30 this week. Betty was Thanking God for the far she has come. She said that turning 30 was one of her biggest achievement.

Turning 30 this week?? @FlairByBetty is one of my biggest achievements. Thanking God. By the way for the gifters, I’m accepting gifts of non- monetary value. Bye!

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However, one of her followers was quick to differ with the beauty, insinuating that she was telling a lie. The man claimed that in a previous interview Betty Kyallo said that she was older than 30. He argued that in the interview Betty said she was 17 years old in 2003. 16 years later, there is no way she can be turning 30 in 2019.

In 2003 You were in form 3 and you were 17 at the time.
In 2019 16 Years later you are tuning 30…How??

17+ 16 =?

He even provided the video as evidence,

Betty Kyallo who we all know does not take negativity from people, brushed it off with a joke.

She said,

?????? I was in form 3, 2005. X+y=???

Maybe she was so much into the interview that she couldn’t remember the exacy year she was in form three!

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