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Boni Khalwale Mourns His Champion Bull Pogba

Malinya Pogba Succumbs to East Coast Fever

Dr. Boni Khalwale has taken to social media to mourn the death of his champion bull Malinya Pogba who succumbed to East Coast Fever.

The great bull for the Abakakamega, Malinya Pogba is gone. Gone to rest with Iminyi the G.O.AT. He has just succumbed to East Coast Fever after a long battle. Long live the King of the beautiful game.

Lovers and fans of bullfighting in Kakamega are in shock after the death of one of the greatest bull ever to headline the annual cultural event.

Malinya the champion has been having health complications for a few months and he succumbed on Friday night.

Pogba took the reigns from the late Iminyi. The blocky bull wrestled the others to become the December 2016 champion in an exciting event held in Malinya village.

Bull fighting was practiced by the luhya community to mark ceremonies such as funerals.

The sport, however, evolved into a more competitive and at times profitable pursuit and tensions normally run high.

The event is an up-close and personal experience, with large excited crowds usually following the action and running occasionally to avoid getting hit.

The politician also known as the bullfighter is known for organising and popularising such events that are dearly loved by Western inhabitants.

Boni had in July 2020 urged the locals to slam the breaks on the festivities (bullfighting) until the coronavirus was put under control.

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