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Brian Khaemba resigns after being suspended amid Waititu’s corruption case.

Brian Khaemba resigns

Brian Khaemba resigns

 Brian Khaemba, the Kiambu magistrate who issued a controversial ruling in May granting Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu bail has resigned after being suspended. The reason for his suspension was that he wrongfully ruled that particular case. There were claims that he handpicked Waititu’s application despite having been on sick leave but he defended himself saying the matter was assigned to him by Senior Principal Magistrate, Stella Atambo.

A short while after the suspension, the magistrate has officially resigned.

In Other News: Kiambu Governor Waititu arrested hours after EACC raided his home.

He said that given the indefinite timeline the hearing and determination of his disciplinary case could take and the fact that Chief Justice David Maraga had suspended him with no pay; he opted out to engage in other income-generating activities.

“As I stated in my letter dated June 13, I handled the application on the request of Senior Principal Magistrate, Hon Stella Atambo, who was handling all such applications. This fact has not been denied by the said Hon Atambo,” the magistrate stated in a response dated June 14.

“Having reflected on the consequences of the suspension letter, especially the aspect of nil salary and the fact that this process has no definite timelines, I have separately tendered my resignation letter to enable me to engage in other income generating activities,” he wrote.


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