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Buruburu Man Burned To Death In A Car Was Headed To See A Marriage Counsellor.

Buruburu Man Burned To Death In A Car

New details in connection to the unfortunate death of Terrance Koris.

Terrance, a Buru Buru estate resident, 36, died on the morning of Wednesday, April 29, after he was burned to death in his car somewhere in Mahi Mahiu Court in Buru Buru estate.

Buruburu Man Burned To Death In A Car

The man’s wife has spoken up about what transpired on that fateful morning. Apparently the man had spent the day at his brother’s home in Ngong and arrived at his home at about 6:30 pm which is about 30 minutes before the 7 pm curfew time.

Unlike the other days, he did not park his vehicle on his designated parking bay but an open space close to the wall. He went to his house and spent the night. Together with his 29-year-old wife Ruth Wanjiru Mungai, Terrance was to visit a marriage counsellor in the city the following morning.

Buruburu Man Burned To Death In A Car

Morning came and the wife took her shower. However, the power went off so the husband relaxed in the bedroom as he waited for power to come back. He needed the power to heat his shower water. The lady went ahead to do her makeup leaving the husband in the other room.

The wife then heard shouts from the neighbours that a car was on fire. She looked around the house but then she realised her husband was not in the shower.

When she got out, she was shocked to see her husband’s body being pulled out of the car that was on fire.

According to neighbours, the man was strapped in the car and it was difficult to even pull him out given there was fire and they had no fire extinguisher.

It was being speculated that the man was killed elsewhere then the body was put in his car then set ablaze. However, autopsy reports confirmed that he was indeed alive when he got into the car, he was killed by the fire.

Korir who worked at the credit section at the Bank of Africa, Westlands branch.

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