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Eric Omondi is loosing weight and drinking too much, fans tells Chantal Grazioli

Chantal Grazioli

After weeks of being quiet and away from social media, Eric Omondi’s ex-fiance Chantal has posted her first photo on Instagram. In the photo, she was in a pool enjoying herself since it’s summertime in Italy.

Finally summer đŸ˜â€ïž
How is Kenya? 
Italy it’s too hot đŸ”„

While some of the people thought she looks good, others told her that she is causing a lot of harm to her Ex Eric Omondi. Some of the people close to Eric claim that he has lost a lot of weight since the break-up. Joe Muchiri even said that he is drinking too much lately.

joe wmuchiri @ericomondi is drinking too much buana đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

rosebe24 Come back home our ericko anaturn janeko đŸ˜©đŸ˜©

moureen_miles Don’t ask us about Kenya ..you left Eric so just forget about Kenya ..stick to your lane..ishi kwenu Italy ..umesikia sisi tukikuuliza Italy Kuna nini

reubenchuma Eric ain’t freezing his balls 😂 alone. He got a new rollipop machine. He’s not thinking about you, but I bet you will die thinking about him unless you change your mind! You will be number two, you know Kenyan constitution allows that!

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rose_nyabhate You wasted @ericomondi time.ulifugisha ndugu yetu “paka” kumzubaisha ukichora kumtoroka!!!!!!! Cheiiii!!! Igwe must hear this

maranyawycliffe Si urudi kabla wasichana wengine hawajamaliza pesa mpya ya Eric

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