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Read this when you feel discouraged.

Choose positivity

Choose positivity

In life, there are lots of doors that get closed. Every human being goes through it. Especially when you are trying to make it, you will go through so many disappointments and only those who persist and believe are able to see the other side.

In most cases, we cannot control what is going on in our lives. Think about it, we get up every morning but we cannot control how the days end. For instance, we cannot control the weather. However, we can always control how we react to each and everything that goes on. Most are the times when you feel like you are drowning and all you can think of is quitting.

Choose positivity

Whatever happens, do not stop. On those days when you have handed out all your business cards, when you have knocked on all the doors that you can think of but still, nothing good has come out it. Do not stop. Keep going. Narrow down everything to that one thing you want to do and focus on it. Even when the people around you discourage you after working your butt off, keep going.

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When things go wrong, don’t go with them. 

You will go through it all. That loan that you were counting on for your business will fail though. The people you were expecting to support you will let you down. You will get sick. You will go broke. You will lose friends and loved ones. It’s called life but when you fall, make sure you get up with a stronger and better plan.

When life knocks you down, try and fall on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.

No one will take care of you, your family or your business like you. So never give up on your self. Fake some positivity and enthusiasm until you are in a better place. Keep moving and you will be surprised how much good comes from it.

I’ve learnt to appreciate living in the moment, and I hope you do too. Hard times will come but always focus on the good. Be grateful with what you have and what you want will always come.

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