Churchill-Mimi ni platform nawapeanga tu. It’s not employment!

Churchill says he is not the government

During Othuol Othuol’s burial, Churchill seemed to have had enough with the current trend and accusations by many comedians on neglect.

Churchill told the people to stop blaming him for everything since he is not the government and he is not funded by the government.

”The reason you see when everything bad happens they say churchill comedian is because its the only platform they are seen. Listen! i am not the government and i am not funded by the government”

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He also clarified that Churchill show is just a platform meant to give the comedians a platform and build their brand. It is not employment as many people out here think.

”This is just a dream of a young man who decided to give millions of talented men and women a chance to be on stage and realize their dreams”

The father of stand-up comedy went ahead and urged comedians and public figures to stop calling social media people family.

He also warned them against documenting every single thing in their life from when they wake up to when they eat to sleeping.

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He reminded them that their only family is their mother, father, siblings and relatives.

”My word to comedians and creatives is to stop calling social media fans family”

”Stop waking up and telling them what you are eating, what you are dressing in. Know that you have a life and your family is your parents, siblings and relatives”


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