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Citizen TV reporter Hassan Mugambi explains why he smacked fellow journalists at the Dusit attack.

A Citizen Tv reporter, Hassan Mugambi found himself on the spot after a video of him clobbering some of his fellow journalists during the 14 Riverdale terrorist attack.

He got some trolls on social media until he decided to explain to the public why he did what he did.

He said that before the incident, the journalists had agreed that no one would block another person’s clear shot by standing in front of them. This was the time when the CS was giving his statement. However, the journalists somehow forgot and they were all over the place leading to the Citizen team not having a clear shot of the CS.

His director was shouting in his earpiece asking for his clear shot so he had to act fast.

“I was live on Citizen TV when the selfish and quite inconsiderate group decided to form a human ring around the CS’s venue for a press conference. Our camera person couldn’t get a decent shot of the CS, who was about to address the journalists. Until that incident, we had agreed that no one would block the frontal space of the venue, where the CS made his address. However, the group quickly forgot our agreement and decided to defy it, with some occupying that space while carrying their smartphones. I was, consequently, angry because our news director was shouting in my earpiece asking for a clear shot. I found myself being aggressive toward the group,” said Hassan Mugambi.

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