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Class eight girl assaulted in a Nairobi women’s Hospital

Class eight girl assaulted in a Nairobi women's Hospital

A class eight girl was almost sexually assaulted by a Nairobi Women’s hospital employee while in the hospital. She had been admitted to the hospital with Malaria and back pains. According to the young girl, the man called her from her room at around midnight asking her whether she was still in pain. She told him that she was still in pain so he asked her to follow him to the laboratory.

While in the lab, the man told her that she needed a massage to relieve the pain. So he went on to massage her but in no time he was touching her inappropriately.

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She protested but the lab technician told her that he was doing so to reduce her pain. The girl said she at that point thought of screaming, but knew it would be futile “as it is normal for people to cry in hospital”.

“He came and asked if I was still in pain. He then told me to go to the laboratory,” the girl said in a written statement.

“He then closed the door and said I should get a massage. He began from my neck and then started touching my private parts,” the girl said.

Then opened the door and, after confirming there were no people on the corridor, released her. He instructed her to say she was at the reception watching TV if asked by the nurse in charge or anyone else.  She, however, reported it.

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