Corazon Kwamboka opens up about her body insecurities

Corazon talks about her body insecurities

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka is the last person you would thing would ever have body insecurities due to her hour glass figure.

She however recently opened up about having body insecurities dur to her thick thighs, acne on her face and teeth. It came as a surprise to many since her body is what every other lady wishes for.

”I have always been insecure about about something (different parts of me every other time) today I would be insecure about my acne scarred face, tomorrow about my thighs, next day about my teeth, it has always been something”

Her insecurities however came to an end after she got pregnant for their baby with Frankie Just Gymit. She was okay all through her pregnancy until she gave birth and her insecurities resumed.

”But strangely enough when I got pregnant I wasn’t insecure even one day, I loved my body the most. I developed self love and appreciation and whatever I did I was exuding confidence”

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She also opened up being an endometriosis warrior and even posted a picture to her fans showing scars on her tummy and belly button as a result of endometriosis.

Corazon Kwamboka, recently introduced his boyfriend and baby daddy Frankie to his parents during their trip to Kisumu. Frankie and Corazon  moved on after he had his nasty break up with influencer Maureen Waititu. Frankie and Maureen had two boys and even had a you-tube channel called Alpha Beta.

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The two have now moved on with their lives, although we are yet to know who Maureen has moved on with.

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