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11 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life for the better.

Daily Healthy Habits

Daily Healthy Habits

Life is beautiful, especially when we have things going our way. Sadly, it’s not every day that you get to have those satisfying, beautiful productive ways. However, it is very important to know that most of the times if you want something you have to get it, Claim the kind of day you want to have and surprisingly, you will have it.

Starting the day on a good note plays a very huge role in the kind of day you will have, That is why, everyone needs to have a kind of routine, a healthy one if I may add, so as to achieve a successful day.

I will take you through a few of the healthy habits that work for me and hopefully, you will benefit from it. Remember that not everything that works for one person will work for the other so grab what works for you and try your best to implement it.

Make your bed every single morning.

This may come as a surprise to you but it is actually proven that most successful people make their bed every single morning. For most people, it is therapeutic and also denies you the chance to try and get back to bed after waking up. Also, a clean and tidy room gives a person a good head start for the day.

Limit your phone time

I know it’s hard. Most of us reach out for our phones the second the alarm goes off. What happens is that you start checking your messages and one thing leads to another before you know it you have wasted 30 minutes scrolling down on Facebook or Instagram. Try as much as possible not to grab your phone the first hour after waking up. Instead, reach for a glass of water, wash your face and stretch your body. If you have to check through your phone at least limit it to maybe 10 minutes then head out.

Working out daily or at least 4 days a week.

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean that you go to the gym daily. But is you can it is great. Find what works for you. Some people prefer a morning run others exercise in the comfort of their own homes. You can do youtube exercises or even stretch through yoga.

Listen to a podcast/ted talk/motivational talks/worship music or whatever works for you.

You can do this as you take a shower and get ready for the day. What this kind of talks does is that they help you be in the moment. At that time, you forget about your worries and all the things you have to do for the day. It motivates you and gives you the strength to start the day.

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Eat healthily.

You are made of what you eat, right?

So do not eat whatever comes your way. Learn to eat healthy food especially breakfast. You are probably wondering how do I even start. Well, make sure you cut back on processed sugars and instead eat whole food, fruits and vegetables.

Cleaning up your space.

Whether it is a huge home or just a little studio apartment, keeping your space clean and tidy helps your mind feel more organized. Having your room untidy with everything lying everywhere it makes you feel overwhelmed and so busy. However, when your room is neat with a lit candle somewhere, you feel so relaxed and at that point, you can manage your day more efficiently.

Journal daily or read a book

We all have a lot of unspoken words and emotions especially when we do not have a person who we trust enough to share our worries with. At times like those, let all your emotions flow on paper. Update your journal every day and you will not believe how much lighter you feel afterwards. Also, make a habit of reading a book that benefits you every day.

Feeding our minds.

How do we feed our minds?

Ensure that you learn something new each and every day. You can do so by reading a book, listening to audiobooks about life, youtube motivational videos and so much more.

Having a positive mind, generally.

Positive thoughts equal a positive life. Have positive thoughts always. Think positively and highly about your life. You can also DIY motivational quotes and hand then o your wall so that every time you look at them you feel energized to do what you need to do.

Have a daily To do list.

This ensures you do not get carried away or overwhelmed during the day and forget to do something. Also, it is very therapeutic to tick down on the things you have done and successfully accomplished during the day.

Be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Good things take time. You can never acquire your life goals overnight. As long as you are truly doing your best, trust the process and be patient. Everything you ever wanted will come at its own time.

I hope these few tips come in handy for someone. Also, share with us some of the daily habits that work for you on the comment section

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