Diana Bahati: I was a side chick who dated men for money

Diana Says that she used to date men for money

Diana Marua, wife to musician Bahati has been sharing her life stories lately on her youtube channel, encouraging women to accept their past and celebrate small wins.

Diana has admitted that there are things she did in her life when she was young and she is no longer proud of them.

Speaking on her channel, Diana has said that she was never broke since she used to date men for money.

During her story time, she recalls shopping and stacking her fridge to an extent that it would no longer close.

”In the past, i did some things that i am not proud of. At some point i used to date guys for money. All i wanted was to live well. I dated people for money. I dated someone who would pay my rent, i had someone who would shop for my house, one who would buy me clothes and another one who would take me out. In my early twenties, money for me was not a problem, she recalled.

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Diana also recalled having an affair with a married man. The man had made it clear that he was not going to leave his wife for her.

”I remember at some point i was a side chick to a married man. Guys i am not telling you this because i am proud of what i did. I am telling you this because they are facts about my life and i want to encourage someone. So i used to date this guy who was married, i liked him a lot. The man told me..Dee i will not lie to you that i will leave my wife for you…i was a side chick but the guy was good,” she said

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Diana and his wife Bahati have been celebrating five years into marriage and to mark the celebrations Bahati surprised his wife with 5 gifts one being a Mercedes ML 350.


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