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Diana Marua’s Family wants her to leave Bahati and go back home, this is why!

Diana Marua's Family

Diana Marua’s family, her aunts to be specific are not happy with Bahati. As we all know Diana is married to Bahati but according to her aunts, Bahati has not paid any dowry.

The auties came all the way from Kisumu to try on confront Bahati. What really happened is that the family feels like Bahati is building his family with Diana Marua but he is not visiting her home as expected.

When they got married, Diana was pregnant with their first baby Heaven. They visited Diana’s home as a formality but after that, they never went back. The family now feels like them being pregnant the second time is not a good thing given that Bahati hasn’t paid the dowry.

The drama went down on their reality show Being Bahati.

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