Did Diamond crop out Prince Nillan from his photo?

Diamond crops out prince Nillan from his photo

Diamond and his family are always making controversial headings. Apparently, there are rumors going round that the bongo star might have cropped out his son Prince Nillan in one of his photos.

It is also rumored that Nillan might not be Diamond’s son.

During Zari’s visit with the kids in Tanzania last week, Princess Tiffah received much more attention from Diamond and his mother compared to Prince Nillan.

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According to many, the family believes that Tanasha’s son Naseeb junior and Princess Tiffah are the only babies that are Diamond has fathered since they are the only ones that resemble him.

Last week, Diamond posted a photo on his account with him and Tiffah alone only for another photo to surface which looks exactly like that one but here, Prince Nillan is present.

Mama Dangote also posts Princess Tiffah alone on her Instagram, something that raises questions too.

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Could Diamond might have cropped out Prince Nillan intentionally? Was he sending some signals?

It is however not confirmed whether this allegations are true.

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