Did Kabi WaJesus Return His Audi A5 Birthday Gift?

Kabi Wajesus upgrades

Content creators Kabi wajesus and Milly Wajesus put the internet on a standstill after Milly gifted Kabi with an Audi A5 for his 30th birthday.

Milly also put Kabi on a billboard something he had wished all his life.

After a week with the car, the youtube family complained of the car being too low and having a tough time driving on the tough Kenyan roads.

The road to their home is full of potholes making them have a tough time driving the car.

On his Instagram, Kabi hinted that he was going to return the vehicle something that has lighten up the internet with many concluding that it was just for hire and show.

According to many, the family is living a lie faking online and they could not afford the car.

What many did not know is that he actually returned the Audi A5 and upgraded to an Audi Q5 which is higher and easier to drive on the bad Kenyan roads.

lANES: Bahati Gifts his Wife Diana a Brand New Mercedes ML 350!

The celebrity couple were forced to add Ksh 1 million so as to upgrade from the A5 to a Q5.

Kamati ya ilikua car hire where will you hide your faces?

Clearly, many Kenyans are not happy when they see people do well.

Kabi has confirmed this a day after Bahati surprised his wife Diana with a brand new merceded ML350.

Kenyans should master the art of clapping for others until it’s their chance. Congratulations the wajesus Family for the milestone.

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