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DJ Moh killed it, here is the emotional mother’s day message he had for his wife Size 8.

DJ Moh celebrates wife

Mothers are angels sent from heaven. Whether alive or gone, yesterday was a special day to celebrate them. People really showed love to their mothers, wives, sisters and females in their lives. It was a nice mother’s day indeed.

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Of course, celebrities had to step up and go a step higher in appreciating the mother’s of their children Among all the celebrities who did so, DJ Moh was probably the best. What he did for his wife the one and only Size 8 was emotional and priceless.

So, Size 8 thought it was a normal day at the supermarket little did she know what her husband had in store for her. As soon as they stepped into the supermarket, a video started showing in a screen. And it was DJ Moh talking. He appreciated his wife for being there for him and their adorable daughter Ladasha and also for giving him the ultimate gift of becoming a dad.

Watch the Video,

He went on to post more on his Instagram page,

He said,

Happy Mother’s Day babe, I appreciate the way you have been the best mother to our daughter @ladashabelle and to show that I appreciate, I decided to do this for you. 

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