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Eko Dydda’s wife Cynthia Ayugi says that the musician cheated on her with Juliani’s ex-girlfriend

Eko Dydda wife

Eko Dydda wife

Gospel singer Eko Dydda’s wife has finally confirmed the two are no longer together. This comes after years of them trying to cover up the fact that their marriage was having problems. In an interview, the lady has disclosed that she moved out of their matrimonial home after the husband cheated with her best friend who is also Musician Juliani’s ex-girlfriend.

“He is painting a picture of a loving man yet we are not together. The woman in this picture is called Elsy, Juliani’s ex-lover. I have tried my best for the sake of my kids but I realised Eko is balancing between us,” she said on Friday, May 23. 

The enraged woman vowed to speak the truth as regards their near decade wobbly union while at the same time noting it was ungodly to walk away.

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“Breaking someone’s marriage is not godly. I invited you as a friend, today, you are saying Eko Dydda shouldn’t bring me back home because your love won’t grow. It is not a battle It is not a battle. I will not hide it for fame or money. I will stand with the truth, and will never lie to people,” she wrote. 

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