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Elegant Furniture – Home,Office Poufs & Ottomans for SALE in Nairobi, Kenya


Elegant furniture;Elegant Living and Office Room Furniture

Elegant furniture cause a mood that is better left to feeling, not words. Isn’t it just adorable to have classy stuff in every corner of your house? A pouf at this corner and an ottoman at the other.

Well, it may seem impossible in the current state of the economy. You must be thinking…classy and cheap can never be in the same sentence. Right?

Stylish but affordable furniture is what Africana Creatives offers you. You can now get a unique coffee table, pouf, ottoman, or any other furniture with a design that matches your specifications! Awesome, right? Here are some of the benefits you will reap from having exceptional stuff:

  1. Comfort

Don’t just get furniture for the sake of filling the empty spaces in your living room or bedroom. After work, you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine while seated on a comfortable sofa and legs spread on a soft pouf.


Elegant Furniture

Furniture should give you comfort and the feeling of a small heaven on earth. Enjoy life while it still lasts.

2.Impress your guests

A well-decorated home offers the chance to be the envy of your friends. Be business-oriented, nice and warm to people and prove it by offering them comfort even in your home.

Elegant Furniture

People respond to what they can see about you. You can turn your home or office into a source of connections and networks by letting people see you are worth them. Elegant furniture contributes a lot to your next big deal. An investment idea!

3. Self-satisfaction

Owning good stuff boosts your self-esteem. It feels good to own the best available items, classy furniture being one of them.

Knowing you own the best furniture with an excellent taste can boost your self-satisfaction to help you perform better elsewhere. Also, a bright home or office with well-decorated items leads to increased happiness.

Elegant Furniture
Elegant Furniture
Elegant Furniture

4. Storage

How? At Africana Creatives, we can tailor your pouf or any other item to have room for storage of shoes, clothes, and any other stuff. You can refurbish your bedroom to have beautiful furniture for storage instead of being untidy with baskets. Ottomans with a lid serve are both for sitting and storing.

Elegant Furniture

How do you acquire the furniture?

a. Prices

You only need between 6,000 to 50,000 depending on the type, amount, and complexity of the items you need. A round or square pouf will cost you 6-8k, a glass table decorated with sea-shells about 12000, and a three-piece sofa about 50,000. All these are tailored to fit your specifications.

b. Delivery

Africana Creatives delivers furniture to your doorsteps within 48-72 hours after ordering. You also get free advise on how to save money and acquire elegant furniture without sweat or pain.

Don’t let your home or office look boring. You have the opportunity to decorate, brighten it up, and uplift your feelings too according to your taste. It’s your time to be classy.

To make an order, call us on 0704195087 or 0704010026.

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