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Elodie Zone responds to the trolls she got from her previous Youtube Video.

Elodie Zone

Years back, everyone loved Elodie Zone. She was a humble and talented YouTuber who everyone connected and related too( not implying that she isn’t good now). However, she quit the internet life all over sudden leaving her subscribers frustrated.

She, later on, came back but her fans noticed something different. She had a change of attitude which caused people to call her a “snob” even going ahead to start a hashtag, #wemisstheoldelodie

The assumptions video that she uploaded didn’t do any good. Precisely, vloggers are asking fans to give then the assumptions they have about them and they, later on, respond to those assumptions. After watching the video below you will understand why people were so angry with her. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

The video was followed by a series of comments from angry subscribers.

You got a real nasty attitude, it’s actually embarrassing to witness. You’re 22/23 years old behaving like high school mean girl are you serious. I can’t wait to see where this attitude takes you, ew this was so gross…

What’s the point of an assumption video if you will sit down at wee hours of the night shooting a video with so much bile, I have a lot of opinions about you and this video but I’d rather keep them to myself for now.peace.

Watu group of schools watatumaliza hakaezi sema wueh 😂😂😂

You should have handled this differently. You asked people for their assumptions about you at least correct them with love.


All the other assumptions videos I’ve watched were tremendous.. but yours was so cringe-worthy.. don’t follow trends if you’re going to bash people instead of answering an assumption.. jeez tone down a note

Here for the comments no lie😅😅😅

Too much pride for nothing. Your Such a Toxic Woman. We don’t need influencers like you roaming around and Spreading such negativity.
Get over Yourself! No one talks about you!

This video shows the real you😕

No offence, I find this video rude. Not all assumptions should be approached in an impertinent way at least try and correct those who’re wrong about you and next time try and hide the names of those who’ve made assumptions about you.

ALSO: Shiro speaks about her leaked Sextape, “Please, that lady currently being exposed and insulted is not me.

You’re the one who’s always talking about how women should lift other women, correcting them is also lifting them.

Replying to the comments, Elodie recorded another Video where she lets her fans know her a little bit better.

So now that everyone knows their assumptions are wrong, let’s get to know who this person is. #ThisIsNotAnApology 🙂 NEW VIDEO, link in my BIO. ✌🏽

She did good in the Video but people still feel like the first video showed her true self.

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