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Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty’s wedding is still on, his brother confirms.

Eric Omondi and his Girlfriend,

Eric Omondi and his Girlfriend,

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi should be awarded the most romantic man in Kenya. He always puts up a  show when it comes to his longtime girlfriend/Fiancee Chantalle.

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They have been dating for almost four years now. Engaged for almost three years. However, even after proposing, the wedding has taken the longest time to happen.

Critics even made theories that the two were not as happy as they pose to be.

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He brushed off the rumours by talking about the wedding. He assured people that he is taking dowry to Italy.

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He said,

“Yes, we are on course. I am planning on taking cows to Milan. Actually, I want to make history by being the first man who took cows to Italy for dowry. I am trying to find out what the process could be.

And now the brother, Fred Omondi, is assuring us all that the wedding is around the corner. Here is what he said in a post.

“Eric is getting married? I thought he would get married at 50 or 60! Am just joking, of course, he is getting married. Anapeleka mahari italy. Wanaishi pamoja. Huyo ni bibi wake. …najua iko (the wedding) iko around the corner. Tunaweza inusia. Hata tunafaa kuform whatsapp group mmchangie…(he smiled at this point). It is high time aoee. ” said his brother. 

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