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“Jameni wacheni porojo, mimi sina bibi” Eric Omondi fails to honor his bet with Joe Muchiri (Video)

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi, the president of comedy, as he calls himself, got himself in a weird position with his friend Joe Muchiri. This past weekend there was a match between Manchester United and Arsenal. You see, Eric Omondi is a die-hard Manchester fan while Joe, on the other hand, is an Arsenal fan. So Eric, who was very confident that Manchester was going to win the match dared Joe Muchiri that he would shave his head and even give him his wife if they did not win. Watch the video,

To his surprise, his team did not win. Arsenal soundly beat Man United and many are now asking for Eric to honour his bet, especially the part concerning him giving out his wife. So in a follow-up video, the comedian jokingly made a speech telling people that he will honour his bet. However, he makes it clear that he is not giving out his wife because he does not have one.

He said,

Majameni ningependa niseme hivi. Tuwaxhe porojo bana. Nilisema jana yakwamba nitapeana bibi lakini kila mtu anajua ya kwamba mimi niko na girlfriend. Sina bibi majameni. Sasa tuwache porojo, tuwache uwongo kusema ya kwamba Eric Omondi apeane bibi. Bibi mimi sina. Niko na fiancee, niko na girlfriend and it is public knowledge.

Later on, he was seen making fun of the shaving part of his bet in a video, check it out,

Ethiopians observe a national mourning day as the search for bodies of the plane crash victims continue.

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