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Esther Passaris honours her promise to award anyone who discovered how this photo was made.

Esther Passaris and Sonko
A photoshopped mashup of Nairobi women representative Esther Passaris and Governor Mike Sonko’s photos were made. The photo showed the two sleeping on a bed Sonko hugging Passaris from the back. While that was disrespectful, it was also really bad given the current heat between the two. Esther Passaris promised to pay kshs 10,000 to whoever would come up with the three photos used to make the mashup. Calling on #KOT Bureau of Investigations: Sh10,000 Cash Award to anyone who can identify the three original photos used in this lame photoshop mashup. From #RecordingArtist to #DigitalArtist. What next? And she honoured it. She shared a Mpesa message showing that she paid the investigator who came up with how the photos were mashed.

NFB6J1NBD4 Confirmed. Ksh10,200.00 sent to JOHN KIHENJA 0728 ** ** 05 on 11/6/19 at 4:32 PM.

Kihenja, a blogger, a few minutes later discovered the original photos.

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