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Ever since Diana came into the picture, Bahati changed for the worst -Weezdom.

Bahati's wife

Gospel musician Weezdom is another victim of the Bahati and EMB records fallouts that have been happening. We all know that Bahati had a fallout with his friend and business associate Mr seed and he actually quit the EMB records.

Mr seed seems to be just the first one to openly call out Bahati since other musicians are following his footsteps.

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Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Weezdom was forced into a response on why he unceremoniously left EMB records. Like Mr Seed, he was also reluctant to reveal what went down but Tuva’s persistence eventually forced him into a response.

Bahati's wife

He said,

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“I respect Bahati a lot because he is the one who brought up my music career. I consider him my brother but there were some changes which started emerging and the changes involved someone called Diana Marua. She (Marua) made sure I exited the record. She made Bahati change on me professionally and as a brother and since I was just starting as an artist, I decided to send myself out there so God can open my paths as well,” he stated. 

Bahati’s wife

He went on to say that all these things started happening when Bahati’s wife Diana came into the picture.

“We had many prospects with Bahati and once she came to the picture all the plans went down the drain,” he went on. 

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