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For the sake of your career stay away from this lady, Fan warns Otile Brown!

Otile Brown and Amber Ray

Otile Brown and Amber Ray

Otile Brown and Amber Ray: Once again, Otile brown has lit up social media. In his latest Instagram post, he was sitting with socialite Amber ray. If you know Amber ray, you know that has a fair share of controversies. The lady was married to a top politician. She divorced and months later she was dating another man who ended up being another woman’s husband.

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On the other hand, Otile brown went through a very toxic and public relationship with socialite Vera Sidika. They were the cutest couple until things went south and they broke up.

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So when people say this photo of these two, it was a little interesting.

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Sheeeshh …. #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove

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Fans started questioning Otile Brown’s dress code and body. As you can see his tummy seems bigger in the photo. Personally, I think It’s the angle of the picture but some fans thought different.

lawmakersafrican said, “Otile for the sake of your career achana na huyo demakuku”

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