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Fat people are careless! NRG radio presenter says

King Kalala calls fat people careless

Nrg radio presenter King Kalala is well known for her hoarse voice and don’t care attitude. Actually, many people refer to her as the female version of Andrew Kibe.

She however might have crossed the line this time after she called fat people careless. In a video circulating online, King Kalala and her colleague are seen flaunting their slim waists and she ends by saying fat people are careless.

Well, many people did not take this lightly as it is pure body shaming.

She however came to defend herself saying that she was not body shaming anyone. She claimed that skinny people are always body shamed but it becomes an issue when ‘fat’ people are which to her is double standards.

Many people felt that it was wrong to call ‘fat’ people lazy since some are battling conditions that have resulted in their heavyweight.

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Body shaming is wrong from both points as it lowers self-esteem and can even make some people suicidal.

King Kalala’s unapologetic attitude is usually clear in all her videos and we are not sure whether she will be issuing an apology for her harsh words.

It is important that people respect each other’s bodies. Revenging for being body-shamed does not solve the problem, if anything it only makes things worse.


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