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Former vitimbi actress Nyasuguta takes John Kabogo to court after he touches her inappropriately

John Ngugi Kabogo, brother to the former Kiambu governor is in trouble after former Vitimbi actress Nyasuguta accused him of touching her inappropriately while she was a club that the man owns. Nyasuguta narrated to the court that trouble came up when she gave of the waitress two credit cards since one of them had insufficient funds but she did not which one. So she asked politely for the second credit card and this is when they started the drama.

She demanded to see the manager but instead of making it better things got worse.

“He touched me on my breasts and backside beside tearing my clothes. I slapped him in defence. He only stopped when I asked another friend Harrison Wambogo to record the incident as they turned the heat on him. They robbed of my gold earrings and necklace worth over KSh 200,000,” narrated an emotional Nyasuguta.

One of Nyasuguta’s friends tried to help but he was also attacked.

“The bouncer known as Karanja came to our table after we requested for the second card which had not been returned and said we had refused to pay the bill. He began punching me. Kabogo came out with a metal rod which he used to hit us. I hopped to a taxi after other bouncers intervened and quelled the melee,” he said

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