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Kenyans React To Photos Of Githeri Man Passed Out Months After Going Through Rehab.

Githeri man drunk

Githeri man drunk

After months of being on the spotlight, Githeri man received lots of awards and donations from all over and in a flash, he was a rich man. His fame came from his funny appearance during the 2017 general elections. He was spotted on the queue carrying a plastic bad with githeri and he was seen enjoying his meal while waiting to vote.

After that, the man even met the president but after the fame and money, he indulged into extreme alcoholism. He would be found in ditches passed out.

President Uhuru offered to put him under rehabilitation but he still went back to drinking. He was taken to rehab for the second time and he graduated.  During his graduation at the rehabilitation center, he had the honor to shake the president’s hand for the second time. The president was giving certificates to 77 people who graduated by managing to finish their 9-month program.

Unfortunately, he is back to his old habits. Photos of him passed out while being carried in a mkokoteni have surfaced.

Githeri man drunk

Githeri man drunk

Githeri man drunk

Kenyans Reactions

God is great. He saved me from alcoholism… I used to be a nuisance drunkard. 🙏🙏🙏

Uhuru come for your certificate he failed again

You can get a man out of a drinking den, but can’t get alcohol from his system!😕😢

It’s now shaming to the office which awarded him the highest order reserved to those who have made an impact on the society positively. Many deserve the recognition but this is Kenya where Mwende born and raised in the USA is a Kenyan then Miguna Miguna born and raised in Nyando is deported to Babylon

After being taken to rehab twice?? guess this is the life he has chosen.

Born to suffer 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

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