Hide your women! Erick Omondi warns Kenyan men

Comedian Erick Omondi warns Kenyan man to hide their women

Kenyan comedian Erick Omondi has made many Kenyan women thirst over him after he posted photos of his new body while in boxers.

Yesterday, media personality Carolina Carl’s was forced to issue an apology to her husband after she thirsted on the comedian’s photos, only to be caught by husband.

”What is this supposed to mean? After everything i have done for you. Who is Erick Omondi?,” her husband asked.

Erick has been coming across many comments telling him that he is ruining marriages by posting his new body photos.

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In response, the comedian has warned Kenyan men and told them to hide their women since it is not his fault that they are thirsting for him.

”I told you to hide them to avoid this many apologies…hamskii…leo naenda tao so msikubalie madem wenu wakuje tao coz they can’t help it and you can’t vlame them. Just hide them,” he jokingly replied

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Erick has been making fun of Kaligraph jones telling him to watch out since he soon will be overtaking him.

To be honest, skinny Erick has really worked on his body and his efforts can clearly been seen.

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