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How to choose a good college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya in 2019

A Good college student laptop in Kenya in 2019

In an era where screens are more of friends than comforts, owning a laptop has become a necessity in tertiary institutions. Owning a good laptop will smoothen your life in college; saving you a great deal of struggle in doing assignments, researching, and free time utilization. Today, we shall explore the features and recommendations of a good college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya.

Almost every course is related to information technology because the 21st Century is powered by the internet and the computer technology at large. More so, for students undertaking computer science or engineering, it is a basic requirement. Otherwise, it will feel like walking barefoot around town.

Own a good college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya

Owning a durable and optimally functioning laptop is cool. At least not those which keep on hanging, are slow, or cannot hold power long enough to sustain you through a two-page assignment. A good laptop should have at least 500GB memory to see you through your storage needs. With such a spacious hard disk, you can store all your documents, keep your research information in tacked, and lots of documentaries, movies and series; if you are a fan.

A good college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya should have at least 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). Such RAM can comfortably store programs and support your operations without having to keep on refreshing or limiting your activities per given period.  Another feature to consider is the processor type, generation, and speed. In 2019, the processor that will best serve you is that which runs on at least a core i4, 4th generation, and 2GHz processor. Matched with a good RAM, such a processor will ensure speed in both offline and online activities.

The trending HP Folio Laptops

Among the best performing and fashionable laptops for college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya in 2019 include HP, Samsung, and Dell. However, HP is the best of them all due to good performance and available spare parts. It is also important to buy from trustworthy merchants such as Amazon and Globalguds to avoid cases of buying fake machines.One of the best is the HP Elitebook Folio 9470m. With a cool backlit keyboard, you are assured of unrestrained operation, even when lights are out. You don’t need a candle or torch to see complete that late assignment. It’s 2019, you know. This machine is a combination of durability, speed (Core i5 & i7), and convenience.

College Student laptop 2019

Other Important features

Other auxiliary but important features to consider in purchasing a good college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya include battery capacity, warranty, screen size, and thickness. The optimum battery capacity of a laptop is about 5,000mAh. Warranty is good, just in case the laptop is faulty in any way. Almost everyone loves big screens. In that case, a good college student laptop under 30,000 in Kenya in 2019 can be just the normal size of 14 inches. The HP Elitebook Folio 9470m has these features sorted out. It is also very slim, hence light. You don’t have to carry a heavy load around campus.

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Climbing up the ladder

It does not hurt if you start low with just a cheap but functional laptop under 30,000 and later purchase a powerful and classy one such as Apple’s MacBook. At the college level, students have many ways of making money online or even around the school to acquire the laptop of their dream. You are now in the know and need no other big brother to purchase the laptop you might hate all your tertiary institution life.

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