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How To Get Instant Loans From Stawika, The Latest Loan App In Kenya.

Stawika Loan App

How To Get Instant Loans From Stawika

Are you in a financial crisis?

Loans are life savers. It doesn’t matter how rich a person is, we all have those moments whereby we are in a twisted fix with no close friend or relative to call and all we can do is turn to a loan App. When used in the right way, these kind of apps are really helpful. The problem comes in after customers delay or even don’t payback and as a result their details are transferred to debt collectors.

Which are the best Loan App?

  1. Stawika (My personal favourite)
  2. Mshwari by Safaricom
  3. KCB Mpesa loans
  4. Tala loans
  5. Branch Loans
  6. Saida loans
  7. Okoa stima
  8. Kopa  chapaa
  9. Zidisha loans.


Stawi Na Stawika. This is a an android mobile app located in Kenya which offers instant mobile loan. It’s a convenient App that automatically evaluates mobile phone data as well as other factors to assign loans. This process takes less than 5 minutes.

How to download the Stawika Loan App

Get a quick loan straight to your M-Pesa now by downloading Stawika for free on Google Play Store.After downloading the App,  all you have to do is Install, register, borrow & grow your loan limit by paying on time. No paper work, no complications.

How does Stawika Work?

  1. Register/Login – Register for an account on the App but if you already have an account just go ahead and Log in
  2. Check Loan Limit – The Stawika App automatically evaluates your phone data and assigns you a loan limit
  3. Request a loan – after learning your limit you can now go ahead and request a loan.

Get your Stawika loan Application today.

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