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How to Survive an Animal Attack-Offcity Travellers

Animals are Fascinating

Nothing is more baffling than understanding the ability of a 90-year old to enjoy watching wild animals with his/her great grandchild and both feel equally excited. Don’t you find it enjoyable watching the angry warthog dashing at full speed to take revenge on his almighty the king lion?

Or a mischievous monkey riding a giraffe?“The wild is fun for everyone, but an encounter with one of the members of the jungle can either trigger hatred for the wild ones or send you back to your Creator”, says Offcity Travellers safety instructor.

Kenya, our motherland

God must have loved Kenya more than any other country. He gave it the best combination of beauty and beasts. Don’t you think the Aberdare hikes are fun? Or do you prefer to scuba dive to meet the sharks or Mombasa? Isn’t it just exhilarating to watch the jumbos of Mt. Kenya forest sniffing litres of water up their trunks? The maniac me prefers a little spice up of the danger of caressing the fluffy lion’s mare. Whooo!!

Offcity Travellers

Keeping safe

Of course, interacting with the big cats or even the sly queen, miss snake, in their home ground sends some heat down the spine. Kenya is home to the rhinoceros, lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo, or as christened by Offcity travellers, the ‘The Big Five Agenda’. Let’s take a tour to the jungle and see how well to escape unscathed in case of an encounter with one of the jungle paws.

Offcity Travellers

a. The Lion

Obviously the bravest and proudest, a pride of lions is unconquerable. Lions like the to feel like the bosses they are. Crossing their paths is, therefore, placing a noose around your neck and pulling the rope. Not unless Samson is your great grandpa or you are acting a movie, you better try your best to stay alive or just say the last prayer. What if you meet in person, or should I say in lion?

  1. Maintain eye contact to monitor every move.
  2. Try to look more massive clothes to intimidate the man-eater. eg. raising your arms and jacket.
  3. Make loud and confident noises.

I know the encounter is likely to make you swallow your tongue; but this is a do or die.

b. The Elephant

These massive monster trucks are obviously not worth a negotiation. You would rather dash for your life. To beat this giant, you must have an eye for detail. You must learn its body language, otherwise get ready to be rolled into a long slender sausage. The animal is ready to attack if it curls the trunk and pulls back the ears. The best escape is to look for a barrier and hide a tree.

Offcity Travellers

c. The Rhinocerous

His excellency mr. rhino is quite the blind brother. He is short-sighted but don’t confuse his weakness for kindness. He can reach speeds of about 59.5km/h. Well, Usain bolt is the fastest at 44.7km/h. The best way to escape the horn is hiding behind a tree or any other nearby obstacle. If he’s too angry, he might just jab into it and let you walk intact.

Offcity Travellers

d. Shark

Her majesty the undisputed queen of the sea is a blood-thirsty vampire. Her will to follow the slightest stench of human fluids tells it all. Amazingly enough, there are over 150 species yet only the tiger shark, bull shark, and the great white shark are known to attack humans. In case of an encounter with one of them, it is best to relax and swim towards her instead. I know how crazy it sounds. These hunger-stricken maniacs have saw-like teeth and just the thought of it is enough to make you swallow your tongue. However, survival for the fittest dictates that you should aim and punch her weak spots such as the gills, nose, and eyes. Please try this at home, in the wild, or anywhere else you may encounter these beasts.

Offcity Travellers

e. Hippopotamus

Well, lets just call her miss hippo and make life easier. From hearsay, she is sought by many including the fish who feed on her droppings and treacherous men who feast on her soft and fattened meat. Warning: Don’t be misled by her pretty looks! This water/land mammal is deadly when threatened. She is known to be shy and hides in bushes but has a temper. It is best if you climb a tree to avoid her wrath.

Offcity Travellers

f. The Crocodile

Mr. Crocky is obviously the king of reptiles. I wonder if he’s not the mythical dinosaur. His saw-like teeth and super-strong jaws are really not accustomed to smiling.  In case of an encounter, it is best to run for your life, screaming and moving in a zig zag line. If you bump into him in water, keep calm and swim away slowly. In case he catches up with you, smack his weak spots such as the throat and eyes.

Offcity Travellers

g. The snake

The mention only makes many tremor. It is a venomous and slanderous roll of flexible bones and muscle. In Kenya, the temperate and hot areas are known to have a few species of them eg. the Red, black, Egyptian and Forest Cobra. Most snakes are shy, unless provoked. Although they cause the greatest number of deaths to humans, 80% of them happen when people try to catch them. They have poor eyesight and sense of smell but have an infrared detection and can feel the slightest vibrations. To avoid an encounter, it is best to stomp your feet to confuse them and avoid attacking them. In case of a bite, wash the wound with running water and sound an alarm. Do not suck the wound!

Offcity Travellers

The Offcity Travellers Hike

The Offcity Travellers team has got your back. They are determined to give you the most breath-taking experiences while looking after your safety. If you would like to explore Kenya and beyond while you still can, book for the trip of your choice. There will be an exciting hike at the Mt. Rumeria Trek on 24th February 2018. Ask for a refund if you don’t enjoy it!

For more information on the same, call 0720322825.

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