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Huduma Namba is not in any way associated with the Biblical 666 Number

Huduma Number Registration

Huduma Namba to help fight insecurity, official says

Kenyans have been advised to desist from listening to those associating Huduma Namba to the Biblical 666 number and instead turn up in large numbers to register in the ongoing exercise.

National Police Service Commission (NPSC) chairman Eliud Kinuthia said Huduma Namba is crucial since it will help in service delivery and enable the government to effectively fight insecurity.

Speaking shortly after registering at Mkunguni Square in Lamu town Monday, Mr Kinuthia said Huduma Namba will help to identify citizens and even track criminals with ease, hence improving the country’s peace and stability.


He called on religious leaders and clerics to support the exercise saying the new system will have a direct impact on service delivery, fighting crime and planning.

The National Identity Integrated Management System (NIIMS) seeks to consolidate in one digital file the birth certificate, ID, KRA pin, NSSF, NHIF, driving licence, passport and other information of an individual.

According to Mr Kinuthia, this will help reduce the stress of carrying along too many documents.

He said hat Huduma Namba was not in any way associated with satanic rights and urged everybody to register.

666 beliefs in Kenya

In the Bible, there is a mention of 666 numbers which the scriptures narrate it as a satanic identification number. In this modern world, evolution has occurred, and dynamic technology in information systems has brought various advancements which people became skeptical about in the initial stage of NIIMS registration. However, the air was cleared when the president stated that DNA testing is voluntary. Issuance of NIIMS Huduma Namba has raised various concerns and a couple of objections, but the Kenyan government has categorically said that the roll-out plan will not be stopped as it will be crucial to the government in making plans. We also hope it will bring a solution to fraud cases and illegal immigration to which has affected the country over the years.

Mr Kinuthia said that religious leaders opposed to the exercise were misinterpreting the Bible. “I want to assure you that the Huduma Namba has nothing to do with the Biblical 666 number of the devil as alleged. In fact, my fellow Christians, Jesus Christ and his parents heeded the call to go and register and travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem where they were registered. I can confidently say that Jesus himself is the pioneer of registration.

“Let’s support the government on this activity by ensuring that all of us are registered,” said Mr Kinuthia.

huduma numba regestration

“The Huduma Namba is meant to assist the public in getting government services easily. It’s a matter of you being identified and served immediately. As for suspicious individuals, it will be easy for them to be identified and dealt with easily and maintain peace and stability in the country.”

During the tour of Lamu, Mr Kinuthia also met Muslim clerics, church leaders and elders and urged them to campaign and ask people to register.

“I have registered and the entire NPS is supporting the initiative since it will enable us to provide security more effectively. You religious leaders and elders have an obligation to support government programmes that enhance services to wananchi. I appeal to you to seek divine help and even launch campaigns to sensitise citizens the embrace the same,” said Mr Kinuthia.

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