Kenya Life Style Tragedy

Form Three student looses one eye after being attacked by his friends with a belt.

Igembe Boys Secondary School

Mark Munene, of Igembe Boys Secondary School, has lost his right eye after he was allegedly hit with a belt by his fellow students.

The 17-year-old was immediately rushed to Meru Level Five Hospital where he was admitted.

“I was attended to and a brain scan was taken, but I’m yet to get the results, a surgery was conducted and my eye was removed. The doctor told me the lens was badly damaged and the whole eye needed to be removed for me to survive. I had no other option,” 

Igembe South Police Commander Henry Akong’o confirmed that they were investigating the case.

“In our preliminary investigations, we found out that as the boys were playing, one fell down and was injured. However, we have opened an inquiry file and recorded statements from the three boys. Our investigations will help us know if there was any foul play,” 

The poor mother talked about the situation too,

“I was shocked when I was told that the eye had to be removed. Some reports from the school administration are misleading. There are those saying he was hit by a window, but my son says he was hit by his fellow students. We hope the truth will come out,” 

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