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Interesting Facts about the leaked “Imenti House” adult video!

Imenti house

If you are a social media user, you definitely know about a viral video that was the talk in town this past weekend. The video was an adult video of two people having their “fun” in what appeared to be a clothes shop. Kenyans with their heist to investigate things came up with the idea that the video was shot in a building in the city of Nairobi and precisely Imenti House.

Now, the truth is, the video was not even shot anywhere near Nairobi. Apparently, it was shot in the United States and was pulled out of an adult site sometime back. It went viral around April of this year.

Given that some detectives were even sent to the building to conduct the investigations, and that they even pulled out information about the exact house number, it was a big embarrassment to the owner. This will definitely affect the business.

The person who posted the Video tagging Imenti house in it, after being questioned said that that kind of thing usually happens in that shop.

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