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Ian Nene/Almasi is receiving Homophobic attacks after posting these photos!

Is Ian Nene gay

Is he gay?

What if he is, then what?

These are the kind of questions in Ian Nene’s comment section. Like most of us, social media is a platform that allows us to express and share our best moments. However, these days there is a lot of negativity that comes with social media.

Is Ian Nene gay?

Especially racist and homophobes use the platforms to attack and bully innocent people who are just out here enjoying life. Ian Nene is a Kenyan young man living in England. He was an actor in the famous show machachari as a young boy before he relocated abroad. There have always been questions about his sexuality especially since he has a unique dressing code.

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However, the young man has never openly given a statement about it and honestly, people should give him a break until he is ready to talk about it.

In a recent post, he shared beautiful photos of himself posing in front of a store with a handsome white man but his captions attracted more attention. It said,

Getch you a man that makes you laugh like this.

People were quick to attack him for being gay while others defended him. The funny thing is that most of the people attacking him are actually Kenyans because the comments were mostly done in Swahili.

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